TOMÁS LUIS DE VICTORIA (b. circa 1548-1611)

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Complete Works. (Thomas Ludovici Victoria Abulensis Opera onmia, ex antiquissimus iisdemque rerissimus hactenus cognitis editionibus in unum collecta, atque adnotationibus tum bibliographicis, tum interpretatoriis ornate a Philippo Pedrell.)

Leipzig, Breitkopf & Haertel, 1902 - 1913. Edited by Felipe Pedrell. Foreword in Volume 1 in Spanish, German, and French. Latin texts set to music. 8 Volumes.

Victoria, often called the greatest of all Spanish composers, was both a composer and a priest. His liturgical works -of great beauty and power - occupy a highly significant place in the music of the Renaissance.

The increasing frequency with which one encounters Victoria's music on choral programs and recordings is evidence of his strong appeal for modern audiences.

Every school with a choral group can now own this very low-cost reprint of Pedrell's excellent edition.

Vol. 1  Motets. For 4, 5, 6, and 8 Voices.
Vol. 2  Masses. Book I. For 4 and 5 Voices (10 works).
Vol. 3  Magnificat and Canticurn Simeords. (18 Magnificat settings).
Vol. 4  Masses. Book II. For 6 and 8 Voices (5 works).
Vol. 5  Hymns. (Hymnorum totius anni. Officii Hebdomadae Sanctae.) 
        (71 works)
Vol. 6  Masses. Book III. (5 works)
Vol. 7  Psalmi, Antiphonae Marianae, Antiphonae Asperges me et vidi 
        Aquam, Sequentiae, Litaniae de B. Virgine. (Antiphons to Blessed 
        Virgin, Psalms, Sequences, etc.)
Vol. 8  Documenta Biographica et Bibliographica, Appendicis, Cantiones 
        Sacrae ex Collectionibus non impresses et alie. Index. (Biographical 
        and bibliographical documents, appendix, miscellaneous unpublished 
        works etc.)

    1,281 pages
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