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First Series. (1. Folge) Edited by the Musikgeschichtlichen Kommission and other official committees with sponsorship of the German government and under the successive editorial leadership of Freiherr von Liliencron, Hermann Kretzschmar, Hermann Abert, and Arnold Schering.

In a newly-edited and critically revised edition by Hans Joachim Moser and C. Russell Crosby, Jr.

The original Breitkopf & Haertel edition of 1892-1931 is here reprinted with critical revisions as published by Akademische Druckund Verlagsantalt, Graz, 1957-1961.

The revisions involve changes of the musical text which are explainad in great detail.

The DDT became a realization when a group of prominent German scholars and musicians including Brahms, Joachim, Chrysander, Spitta, Helmholtz, et al. formulated the plan to reprint certain of Germany's music.

After a slow beginning, it progressed steadily and became one of the most notable monuments of music published within the last 100 years. The DDT is highly regarded for its scrupulous scholarship, historical authenticity and careful selection. The most representative works of each composer were chosen for inclusion in this anthology which embraces a wide variety of music from the past.

Contributing editors, who are identified in each volume, include Max Seiffert,Johannes Wolf, H. Gehrmann, Josef Auer, Eduard Bernouilli, Karl Nef, Hugo Leichentritt, Max Schneider, Otto Gombosi, among others.

Long a valuable source of documentary material for the teacher and student of music history and literature, it was usually to be found in the better-endowed libraries because of its considerable cost. It is here offered in a low-cost microfiche reprint edition to permit broader accessibility. 65 volumes plus two supplements (to vols. 51/52 and 61/62).

1       Samuel Scheidt: Tabulatura Nova (Keyboard).
2       Hans Leo Hassler: Cantiones Sacrae (4 to 12 parts).
3       Franz Tunder: Vocal Compositions.
4       Johann Kuhnau: Keyboard Works.
5       Johann Rudolf Able: Selected Vocal Compositions with and 
	without instruments.
6       Matthias Weckmann and Christoph Bernhard: Solo Cantatas, 
	Choral Works (with Instruments).
7       Hans Leo Hassler: Masses.
8/9     Ignaz Holzbauer: Guenther von Schwarzburg (Opera).
10      Orchestral Music of the 17th Century.
11      Dietrich Buxtehude: Instrumental Works.
12/13   Heinrich Albert: Arias.
14      Dietrich Buxtehude: "Abendmusiken" and Church Cantatas.
15      Carl Heinrich Graun: Montezuma (Opera).
16      Melchior Franck and Valentin Haussmann: Selected Instrumental 
17      Johann Sebastiani and Johann Theile: Passion Music.
18      Johann Rosenmüller: Sonate da Camera.
19      Adam Krieger: Arias.
20      Johann Adolf Hasse: La Conversione di St. Agostino (Oratorio).
21/22   Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow: Selected Works.
23      Hieronymus Praetorius: Selected Works.
24/25   Hans Leo Hassler: Sacri Concentus (4 to 1 2 parts).
26/27   Johann Gottfried Walther: Compositions for Organ.
28      Georg Philipp Telemann: "Day of Judgment" and "Ino" (Cantata).
29/30   Instrumental Concerti of German Composers (Pisendel, Hasse, 
	C. Ph. E. Bach, Telemann, Graupner, Stölzel, and Hurlebusch)
31      Philippus Dulichius: Prima pars Centuriae.
32/33   Nicolo Jommelli: Fetonte (Dramma per Musica).
34      Georg Rhau: New German Sacred Songs for the Schools.
35/36   Sperontes (job. Sigismund Scholze): "Singende Muse an 
	der Pleisse".
37/38   Reinhard Keiser: "Croesus" and parts from "L'inganno Fedele".
39      Johann Schobert: Selected Works.
40      Andreas Hammerschmidt: Selected Works.
41      Philippus Dulichius: Secunda pars Centuriae Octonum et 
	Scptenum Vocum Stetini (1608).
42      Johann Ernst Bach: Selected Fables; and Valentin Herbing: 
	Musical Essays.
43/44   Florian Dellerand Johann Joseph Rudolph: Selected Ballets.
45      Heinrich Elmenhorst: Sacred Songs.
46/47    Philipp Heinrich Erlebach: "Harmonische Freude musikalischer 
48      Johann Ernst Bach: Passion Oratorio.
49/50   Thuringian Motets of the First Half of the 18th Century.
51/52   Christoph Graupner: Selected Cantatas.
53/54   Johann Philipp Krieger: 21 Church Compositions.
55/     Carlo Pallavicino: La Gerusalemme Liberata (Opera).
56      Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach: "Christ's Childhood" and "The 
	Resurrection of Lazarus".
57      Georg Philipp Telemann: 24 Odes; and Johann Valentin Goerner: 
	Collection of Odes and Songs.
58/59   Sebastian Knuepfer, Johann Schelle itnd Johann Kuhnau: 
	Selected Church Cantatas.
60      Antonio Lotti: Masses.
61/62   Georg Philipp Telemann: Dinner Music.
63      Johann Pezel: Tower Music.
64      Georg Benda: The Fair (Opera).
65      Thomas Stoltzer: Latin Hymns and Psalms.

   11,000 pages

   Complete Microfiche Reprint........................$590.00

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