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Published by the Österreichischer Bundesverlag, Vienna, 1894 to 1938. Reprint of the Graz edition 1959 ff.

Originally published as 83 volumes in 79 bindings.

The "Monuments of Music in Austria" represents an abundance of all types of musical compositions spanning five centuries composed by Austrians and those foreigners who either performed in Vienna or composed for performances at the Imperial Court.

The project was founded by Guido Adler who had the cooperation of such men as Brahms, Richter, and Hanslick and subsequently the editorial contributions of such scholars as Habert, Rietsch, Bezecny, JohannesWolf, A. Einstein, Paul Nettl, Paul Pisk, W. Schmieder, Hans Gal, R. Haas, Manclyczewski, K. Geiringer, among others. One may also cite the editorial contributions of Anton von Webern (see vol. 32).

The DTÖ remained out of print for a long time until 1959 when its reprinting was undertaken to satisfy a critical need. The series is by common consensus one of the richest musical anthologies of all time and is often cited as a source of music for study throughout a broad cross-section of the many disciplines within the field of music.

This low-cost microfiche edition of the DTÖ should benefit those who have not been able to purchase the,more expensive book edition.

1       J. J. Fux: Masses.
2       Georg Muffat: Florilegium Primum (for strings).
3       J. J. Fux: Motets.
4       Georg Muffat: Florilegium Secundum.
5       Johann Stadimayr: Hymns.
6       Marc Antonio Cesti: 11 Pomo d'Oro (Opera), Prologue and Act I.
7       Gottlieb Muffat: Componimenti Musicali.
8       Johann Jakob Froberger: Keyboard Work, I.
9       Marc Antonio Cesti: 11 Pomo d'Oro. Act 11-V.
10      Heinrich Isaak: Choralis Constantinus, I.
11      Heinrich Biber: Violin Sonatas.
12      Jakob Gallus (Handl): Opus Musicum, I.
13      Johann Jakob Froberger: Keyboard Works, II.
14/15   Trent Codices, I (vocal music of 15th century).
16      Andreas Hammerschmidt: Dialogues. I.
17      Johann Pachelbel: Keyboard Works.
18      Oswald von Wolkenstein: Sacred and Secular Songs.
19      J. J. Fux: Instrumental Work - Church sonatas and overtures.
20      Orazio Benevoli: Festival Mass and Hymn.
21      Johann Jakob Froberger: Keyboard Works. III.
22      Trent Codices, II.
23      Georg Muffat: Concerti Grossi.
24      Jakob Gallus (Handl): Opus Musicum, II.
25      Heinrich Biber: Violin Sonatas.
26      Antonio Caldara: Sacred Music.
27      Viennese Keyboard Works of the Second Half of the l7th Century.
28      Heinrich Isaak: Secular Works.
29      Michael Haydn: Instrumental Works.
30      Jakob Gallus (Handl): Opus Musicum, III.
31      Viennese Instrumental Music Before and About 1750, I.
32      Heinrich Isaak: Choralis Constantinus, II.
33      Johann Georg Albrechtsberger: Instrumental Works.
34/35   J. J. Fux: Costanza e Fortezza (Opera).
36      Ignaz Umlauff : Die Bergknappen (The Miners) (Opera).
37      Austrian Lute Music from the 16th Century.
36      Trent Codices, III.
39      Viennese Instrumental Music Before and About 1750, II.
40      Jakob Gallus (Handl): Opus Musicum, IV.
41      Songs by Frauenlob, Reinmar Von Zweter and Alexander 
	(Minnesinger Mss.).
42/44   Florian Leopold Gassmann: La Contessina (Opera).
44a     Christoph Willibald Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice.
45      Michael Haydn: Three Masses.
46      Antonio Draghi: Church Compositions.
47      J. J. Fux: Concentus Musico-Instrumentalis.
48      Jakob Gallus (Handl): Opus Musicum, V.
49      Four Masses from the Last Quarter of the 17th Century 
	(by Biber, Schmelzer, and Kerfl).
50      Austrian Lute Music Between 1650 and 1720.
51/52   Jakob Gallus (Handl): Opus musicum, VI.
53      Trent Codices, IV.
54      Viennese Lieder from 1778 to 1791.
55      Johann Ernst Eberlin: "Der Blutschwitzende Jesus" (Oratorio).
56      Viennese Dance Music from the Second Half of the 17th Century.
57      Claudio Monteverdi: 11 Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria (Opera).
58      Gottlieb Muffat: 12 Toccatas and 72 Versets.
59      Three Requiems from the 17th Century.
60      Christoph Willibald Gluck: Don Juan (Opera).
61      Trent Codices, V.
62      Michael Haydn: Church Compositions.
63      Johann Strauss, Jr.: Three Waltzes.
64      Arias from German Comedies, 1(1754-1758).
65      Josef Lanner: Landler and Waltzes.
66      Johann Schenk: The Village Barber (Opera).
67      E. A. Förster: Chamber Music.
68      Johann Strauss Sr.: Waltzes.
69      Steffano Bernardi: Church Compositions.
70      Paul Peurl and Isaak Posch: Instrumental and Vocal Works.
71      Neidhart von Reuental: Songs.
72      The "Gesellschaftslied" in Austria from 1480 to 1550.
73      Blasius Amon: Church Music.
74      Josef Strauss: Waltzes.
75      Antonio Caldara: Vocal Chamber Music.
76      Trent Codices. VI.
77      Italian Composers, 1567 to 1625.
78      Jakob Gallus (Handl): Six Masses.
79      The Viennese Lied from 1792 to 1815.
80      Salzburg Church Composers.
81      Karl Ditters Von Dittersdorf: Instrumental Music.
82      Christoph Willibald Gluck: L'Innocenza Giustificate (Opera).
83      Florian Leopold Gassmann: Church Compositions.

  12,000 pages

  Complete Microfiche Reprint .............$680.00

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