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USACC Internships

USACC has launched a short-term internship program for Azerbaijani citizens who are at the start of their education and/or career. Two Azerbaijanis will receive internship for a period of one year. Upon completion of the first round, there will be two-week rotation period when the outgoing interns will train the incoming ones in their area of responsibility. USACC provides for interns' round-trip airfare between Baku and Washington, D.C., accommodation at the Azerbaijan Trade and Cultural Center (ATCC), daily allowance and medical insurance. We will also sponsor the education of the interns at a short-term graduate course offered by a Washington-based institution.

The new internship program enhances the mission of USACC. We follow the footsteps of our members and invest in the future of Azerbaijan. Throughout a year, four Azerbaijanis will receive an opportunity to work at USACC and get trained in the basics of management. The interns will also receive some education while in the U.S. The work experience combined with modest education will contribute to the personal and professional growth of these young people who will return to Azerbaijan to become an asset in the human capital of that country. While in Washington, these young Azerbaijanis will also get exposed to the American culture and functioning of the political process in the United States. This will increase their understanding of the United States of America. In brief, USACC will provide young Azerbaijanis with an incentive and opportunity to start their career on a much solid ground.

Baku-based American Councils for International Education has expressed willingness to assist the USACC in selection of interns. Baku offices of some member companies have also been extremely useful in the first selection. After a careful selection, Ms. Hanum Azizova and Ms. Minai Massimova have been the first to receive internship at USACC. Both worked as Projects Coordinators at USACC from March 1, 2001 till May 30, 2002.

  Hanum Azizova majors in Political Sciences at the Academy of Public Administration.

  Minai Massimova majors in Political Sciences in the Western University.

For more information please call our offices at (202) 333-8702 or email us at chamber@usacc.org.