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USACC Investment Guide to Azerbaijan 2001


Welcome from H.E. Heydar Aliyev,
President, Republic of Azerbaijan

Welcome from USACC Co-Chairmen


Professor Tadeucz Swietochowski, Columbia University
Geopolitical Overview
Graham Allison, Director, Belfer Center and Chairman, Caspian Studies Program and Azerbaijan Initiative, JFK School of Government, Harvard University
Geography and Climate
Gregory Twyman, Monmouth University
Population and Demographics
Gregory Twyman, Monmouth University


Political Environment: Risk Analysis
Stanley Escudero, Former US Ambassador in Azerbaijan
Government and Institutions
Brenda Shaffer, Research Director, Caspian Studies Program and Azerbaijan Initiative, JFK School of Government, Harvard University
Foreign Policy Priorities
Mahmoud Mamedkuliyev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict
Carey Cavanaugh, Special Negotiator for Nagorno-Karabakh and Regional Conflicts, U.S. Department of State
Fact Sheet, U.S. Department of State
US-Azerbaijan Relationship
Ross Wilson, United States Ambassador in Azerbaijan
Hafiz Pashayev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan in the U.S.


Economic Outlook
Rupinder Singh, Senior Economist, The Economist Intelligence Unit
Economic Indicators and Reform Challenges
Mark Dutz, Office of the Chief Economist, EBRD
Fiscal Policy and Reserves
Avaz Alakbarov, Minister of Finance
A Glimpse at U.S. Exports and Imports in 2000
Derek Nowek and Kelly Raftery, BISNIS, U.S. Department of Commerce
Legal Environment and Legislation Update
Daniel Matthews, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
Tax Regime
Steve Martin, Tax Partner, Ernst & Young Azerbaijan
Customs Regulations
Kenny Hawsey, Territory Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Project Financing, Insurance and Investment Guarantees
Paul Tumminia, Senior International Business Relations Officer, U.S. Export-Import Bank
Melissa Eustace, NIS Country Manager, Trade and Development Agency
Aliya Nuriyeva, Program Coordinator, International Finance Corporation


The Caspian Oil and Gas Outlook to 2020
Robert Smith, FACTS Inc.
Onshore and Offshore Oil Consortia
Julia Nanay, Director, The Petroleum Finance Company
Caspian Sea Legal Status
Theodore Jonas, Partner, Baker Botts L.L.P


Michael A. Lally and Elmira Ragimova, U.S. Embassy Commercial Service, Baku
Construction Market
Michael A. Lally and Seymour Khalilov, U.S. Embassy Commercial Service, Baku
Information Technologies
Michael A. Lally and Seymour Khalilov, U.S. Embassy Commercial Service, Baku


National Holidays
Key Government Contacts
Embassies & International Organizations
News and Publications
Visa Requirements
Health Services
Legal and Audit Services
Office Services
Translation Services
Transportation Services
International Schools

USACC Investment Guide to Azerbaijan 2002

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The United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC) is proud to introduce "USACC Investment Guide to Azerbaijan 2001," a 92-page publication on a wide range of issues pertaining to Azerbaijan.

The purpose of the Investment Guide is to provide a substantial information to foreign investors desiring to enter Azerbaijanís market. The publication exposes investors to Azerbaijanís strong economic potential, its history and transition into free market. It tries to facilitate investorsí entry into Azerbaijanís market by supplying them with up-to-date information and necessary leads.

The publication also advertises goods and services provided by sponsor-companies. Bearing in mind that Azerbaijanís market offers tremendous opportunities and is becoming highly competitive, the Investment Guide provides sponsor-companies with an extensive exposure to Azerbaijani government officials, local and foreign private companies, international organizations, foreign embassies etc.

The Investment Guide covers such issues as economic performance of Azerbaijan, status of economic reforms, existing legal environment, pace of privatization, means of project financing, profile of Azerbaijanís banking system, tax regime, customs regulations etc. It also presents historical and geopolitical overview of Azerbaijan, examines political environment in the country, outlines priorities of Azerbaijanís foreign policy and structure of the government.

Special section is dedicated to the oil and gas sector of the economy. The Investment Guide outlines the volume of foreign investment in that sector, potential of hydrocarbon resources and existing investment opportunities.

Various sectors of industry and agriculture are examined through the eyes of an investor.

All subjects are covered by distinguished individuals, well-known experts, representatives of private companies already working in Azerbaijan. We believe this will lend more credibility to the publication. It will also make sure that the information provided is objective and unbiased.

The USACC intends to publish some six thousand copies of the Investment Guide. It will be distributed free of charge to all interested parties. The Publication will first be made available for distribution in April 2001.

Conferences, seminars and other public forums, organized by the USACC and its sister organizations, will be used to promote the publication. It will also be advertised on and made available for order through USACC home page on the world wide web.

Contents of the Investment Guide 2000 can be accessed by the general public from the USACC home page on the world wide web. Subjects are updated periodically by the contributing authors.

USACC's distribution network has been quite extensive. Some two thousand copies of the 2000 edition of the Investment Guide were shipped to Baku and distributed among Azerbaijani government officials, foreign embassies, international organizations, private companies and banks. The publication was also made available at the Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition in June 2000. Azerbaijan's embassies in Europe and throughout the world received copies of the Investment Guide. In addition, a separate mailing list was developed to send the Investment Guide to important companies and organizations. USACC intends to pursue distribution within the established network and expand it to include others interested in Azerbaijan.


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